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Spurs and Shifters

Ammo and Enchiladas

Ammo and Enchiladas

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A Border Crossing Novel

A night at the movies in Albuquerque turns deadly when Brantley’s best friend, Matt, is shot right in front him during a robbery. Devastated, Brant tries to help Matt’s husband, Travis, deal with all the details, even as he struggles with survivor guilt and grief. When Travis’s best friend arrives, Brant finds himself both annoyed and grateful, knowing he needs help, but hating to admit it.

Former cop Lex Espana is ashamed to admit he hasn’t seen his childhood best friend Travis since the man’s wedding. He’s even more amazed that he barely remembers Brant from that time, because the sparks are sure flying now. It might be weird to fall for someone at such a tough time, Lex’s feelings for Brant are real, and make him realize there’s more to life than work.

Lex and Brant have a lot to deal with, from living in different towns to not knowing how to be part of an ‘us’, and they’ll have to overcome all that and more to have the kind of love they know they deserve.

This is a previously published novel. The publisher has changed.
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