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Spurs and Shifters

Cowboy Healing

Cowboy Healing

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Patrick Kelly needs some help. His husband passed away a while ago, and now he has a thriving medical practice, two busy kids, and one ranch outside Aspen, Colorado that he's not really sure how to run. Patrick doesn't want to give up on any part of his life, but he knows he can't do it all alone, so he turns to a service to hire a cowboy to help run the ranch and free up some of his time.

Caleb Warren wants his family ranch back. So he hires on to work as the foreman there through the Cowboy Wanted service, just waiting for the fancy doctor who owns the place to get tired of roughing it and sell out. The problem is, Patrick's kids love the country life, Patrick is a good man, and Caleb can't quite get past the guilt he feels about being on the road with the rodeo when his family had some real troubles to deal with.

The two of them find more common ground than they expect, and between everything from animals to parent teacher meetings, Caleb lends and hand and Patrick learns to lean on Caleb for help. Can the two of them give up the past and embrace the future together?
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