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Spurs and Shifters

Cowboy in the Crosshairs

Cowboy in the Crosshairs

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A Turquoise, New Mexico, Story

Once upon a time, a prince lived in a magical kingdom called Turquoise, New Mexico.

In reality, TJ is a small-town police chief. Every Friday he holds court in the diner with the local holy roller, the art colonists, and the horsey people. But the Benes, who own the rodeo company, keep to themselves. TJ knows, because he was once hot and heavy with the oldest Bene son, Wacey.

When Wacey Bene gets trampled on the rodeo trail and comes home to heal, he’s none too happy to run into TJ, or his two little boys. Or the boys' mom, who seems to still be in the picture. The story might end there—if it wasn’t that everything is not as it seems, oh, and some pesky bastard trying to kill Wacey.

TJ steps in as the law, and the townsfolk gather around to support their own. But once the bad guy is put away, can TJ and Wacey make their place in this wild and eccentric town a permanent one?

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