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Spurs and Shifters

Dragon Collector

Dragon Collector

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Dragon shifter Eagan Drake knows Oliver Reaver is his mate. He's known it since they met, when Ollie braved Eagan's brother's den to try to save his business partner and best friend, Devon. The problem is, Ollie is convinced that Eagan needs a dragon mate, and that he's just an ordinary human.

Ollie loves Eagan desperately. He knows he should just leave and let Eagan find his true mate, but he keeps being drawn back to his dragon's side. When a dangerous vampire starts to stalk Ollie at his bookshop, he finally gives in and asks Eagan if he can come home to stay.

Now, if Ollie can just stop being the king of denial, Eagan knows Ollie can give him what he wants most. All his love, and a family of his own. But will Eagan be able to convince Ollie that he's a very special mate and let their dragons soar together?
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