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Spurs and Shifters

In the Morning Light

In the Morning Light

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Big-name bull rider Austin McPherson has no idea when he hits up a small-time rodeo in northern New Mexico that he’ll run into the man who ghosted him a year earlier. The man he thought might be worth leaving the rodeo for eventually. And he sure doesn’t expect to find out that same man has a brand new baby, either.

Jim Donoghue didn’t know what to say to Austin when his baby came along and he had to stop traveling to rodeos, following a man who wasn’t the settling down type. So he didn’t say anything. Now Austin is in his hometown, and things are getting more complicated by the minute. Can he make Austin understand why he was ready to settle down on his own? And can Austin make Jim see why he might look better in the morning light now than he ever did?

This book was previously a Your Book Boyfriend's Boyfriend title.

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