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Spurs and Shifters

Living in Fast Forward

Living in Fast Forward

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Hollis Lee is an aging rock star with a country edge who needs a little TLC. Or a lot, according to his manager Charlie. He's been drinking and partying, and he's not getting any younger, so Charlie hires a personal trainer to get Hollis back in line. Before he ruins his career. Jeremy is just the trainer for the job. Even-tempered and able to put up with anything Hollis throws his way, Jeremy is determined to do his job and get that fine rock star back into fighting trim. And ignore the attraction to Hollis that plagues him on a daily basis. Fighting Jeremy takes more effort than Hollis can summon, and soon he's getting back in shape, despite the occasional foray into sausage biscuits and hamburgers.

Things are going well for Hollis and Jeremy both, in their jobs and their blossoming personal life. They're playing with fire, though. Hollis is trying to keep his sex life a secret, and Jeremy's livelihood depends on his discretion. As long as Hollis is on tour, Jeremy has the perfect excuse to hang around. But when a terrible accident separates them, Hollis and Jeremy have to start sneaking around to see each other. Can their newfound love survive the web of deception and pain they've created?

This is a previously published title. The publisher has changed.

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