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Spurs and Shifters

Perfectly Seasoned

Perfectly Seasoned

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Geoff has seen a lot of people find love over his years at the Leanin' N ranch. He's been content to let others have their day, deciding that he's happy enough with good friends and found family. The truth is, Geoff isn't sure he's worthy of love. Or capable of dealing with it. So he's just not looking very hard, even when it's right under his nose.

Tiny has been in love with Geoff for ages, but they work together, and he's never been sure that Geoff sees him the same way. When he finally decides to make his move, he can't believe it works, and while Geoff seems surprised, he also seems perfectly willing to give Tiny his day and let their deep friendship turn into something more.

Which is when all hell breaks loose in their quiet, well-ordered life. Tiny's teenaged daughter shows up pregnant, and while Tiny knows he can't turn her away, it might be too much, too fast. Can Geoff handle so much change all at once, including an instant family with a grandbaby on the way, or will everything fall apart before it even gets well-begun?
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