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Spurs and Shifters

Redemption's Ride

Redemption's Ride

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Reformed from his days as a bank robber and killer, Preacher rides the badlands with his crew of misfits, doing God's work and spreading the good word. He's not sure everyone can be saved, but he's determined to try. Despite his friends, which include a three-legged dog, a mute Apache and a flatulent Englishman, he gets lonely on the trail, so it seems a gift from above when Hawk shows up, trail worn and needing some good grub and a friendly face.

Hawk is a scarred cowboy with a past he can't remember, and he thinks Preacher might be the answer to the itch he can't quite scratch. He's been alone a long time, and finds it hard to trust, but Preacher seems to bring out the best in him, helping him become the man he didn't know he wanted to be. Together, with the help of Preacher's old friend and mentor, Jett, and Hawk's amazing horse Fred, they face an evil like the world has never seen. They ride to the very mouth of Hell itself, all but losing themselves to forces they're not sure they can beat. Can they survive Redemption's Ride?

This is a previously published work. The publisher has changed.

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