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Spurs and Shifters

Silver Buckle Linings

Silver Buckle Linings

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Preorder by 6/29/24 and receive a signed paperback book, a postcard featuring original character art created for this incentive, and custom swag. Books will be mailed after 7/2/24.

When cowboy Sterling Jordan heads from his home in Aspen to Durango, Colorado, he's looking for his sister's baby, and he intends to take that child home with him, no matter what the situation is. Then he meets his nephew's adoptive father, Benjamin Collier, and Benji is the last thing he expects. So he just holds off on telling Ben who he is.

When Ben discovers that Sterling has been omitting some very important parts of his history, he's furious, but he has to admit that Sterling never out and out lied to him, and that the big name, big money cowboy is absolutely fascinating. He's willing to let Sterling get to know his son, Xavier, but not to let the man have him, so they have to find a compromise.

The two men navigate siblings, parents, and the bad start to their relationship to find a way to be a whole new kind of family, one where silver linings come with buckles and baby blankets.

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