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Spurs and Shifters

Solitary Dragons

Solitary Dragons

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Three Solitary Dragons Novellas in one print volume!

In Archer, Archer knows he doesn’t belong in the human world. So he sticks to his cabin in the mountains outside of Flagstaff for the most part and lives the life of a solitary dragon, except to visit Holt. Holt has no idea what Archer has done to him, but he’s going to hunt the guy down on his mountain and find out. He’s gaining weight even as he feels sick as a dog, and he wants to make sure this isn’t contagious. When it’s clear Holt is carrying his baby, can Archer convince Holt he doesn’t want to be solitary anymore?

In Aiden, Griffin thinks he might be watching dragons through his binoculars while he's on a research project for his graduate program. He desperately wants it to be true, but he also wants to keep them safe. Aiden has been solitary a long time when he inherits his aunt's daughter, who he calls his niece, through a terrible accident. But then he meets Griff and realizes they’re mates, and that he's not solitary anymore. Can he convince Griff they're meant to be together and keep the rest of the world, including whoever is watching them, at bay?

In Devlin, Dragon shifter Devlin thinks he has it all. A nice cabin in Ruidoso in the mountains of New Mexico. A good golf game. And Symon, the sweet dragon who comes to stay often. Symon adores Devlin, but he doesn't want to move to town full time and leave his family home in the high reaches above Cloudcroft. And when he turns up pregnant after a solstice stay with Devlin, he knows he has to make a run for it and go home to get ready for the heavy winter snow and the baby that will come. Devlin has to convince Symon he can give up all the conveniences of town in order to not be a solitary dragon anymore...

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