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Spurs and Shifters

Bad Boy and the Baby

Bad Boy and the Baby

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After a disastrous blind date that sends birth center nurse Raven to the ER, he decides his choice not to date people from Secret Springs is probably a good one. But gym owner and soft-hearted bad boy Ben convinces Raven to give him a second chance, no with no allergens involved.

The spark between then flares quickly, and things might be moving too fast, but neither of them wants to stop. But when family emergencies, long hours at work, and tons of well-meaning townspeople threaten to interefere, Ben and Raven have to decide what's most important to them. And then they have to grab it with both hands.

The Bad Boy and the Baby takes place in the Secret Springs alternate universe, and is a heartwarming mpreg with a terrible allergic reaction, lots of tatoos, and a whole crop of new Secret Springs babies to meet!
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