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Spurs and Shifters

The Billionaire Dragon's Sweet Mate

The Billionaire Dragon's Sweet Mate

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Dakota is on the run from his past when he arrives in Oro Escondido, a small town in the New Mexico mountains. He thinks he might just stop there to rest and maybe save up some money, and it looks like a nice little town. When a help wanted sign pops up on the main road, he takes a chance on working at the local bookstore, but he finds so much more than a job.

Logan meets Dakota and knows right away that the sweet man is his mate. Then he has to set about making Dakota see what he does in their relationship. Can these two overcome the dark shadow of Dakota's past and teach Dakota that home, and family, are where you find them?

This book has dragon shifters, talking lizard birds, fated mates, and mpreg!
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