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Spurs and Shifters

Tipping the Barrel

Tipping the Barrel

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Cowgirl Evie Martin has her ranch, her horses, a bunch of goats, and a million side hustles to make ends meet. So if she misses the one who got away, well, who has time for romance and relationships? At least that’s what she tells herself until that one special woman comes back into her life, needing her help.

Barrel racer Cheyenne DeLongh was rodeo royalty until an accident took her best horse and left her with scars that are both visible and deep-hidden. The only place she can think to go is to the woman she still loves. Evie. If her mother could stop meddling and Evie can believe that Cheyenne wants to stay and be a small town rancher, she might just get her stuff together. But as much as Evie loves Cheyenne, can she ever believe she’ll be enough to make Cheyenne stay?

Tipping the Barrel is a cowgirl romance with meddling family, second chances, a small town setting, and a happy ending.

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